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4 Health Tips for Senior Living This Fall

As the leaves begin to change into vibrant colors of red, orange and yellow, it means fall is upon us. The air begins to get cooler, flavorful foods are stocked on the shelves and football season is in full swing.[more]


6 Steps To Prevent A Fall

September 22, 2018, the first day of fall, marks the 10th annual National Falls Prevention Awareness Day. [more]


World Alzheimer’s Month 2018

World Alzheimer’s Month 2018 is September and is run by Alzheimer’s Disease International, (ADI). The aim of the month is to raise awareness and challenge stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s and dementia.[more]


What to Do After a Fall

A timely response is critical when a caregiver witnesses a fall. Taking the appropriate actions at the appropriate time could help save a senior’s life. [more]


Seniors at Higher Risk for Dehydration

While summer provides ample opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and be outdoors, it can also come with an increased risk of dehydration.[more]


Summer Sunscreen Tips and Tricks

Most of us, no matter our age, do not use enough sunscreen, nor do we apply it as frequently as needed. Here are some tips![more]

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Setting Realistic Expectations for a Transition to Senior Living

The key to making this transition a smooth one is to prepare for the good and the bad while setting some realistic expectations for the beginning of their stay after the move to a new home.[more]

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