Seniors and JOY

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Joy. We always seem to associate it with the young. Children playing and happy, teenagers having fun with friends, and even young adults experiencing the excitement of new adventures in life. However, research tells us that senior citizens should not be counted out when it comes to joy!

The opposite is actually true! The later years of our lives can be some of the happiest, most gratifying of them all thanks to a few special qualities. Senior citizens have lived through the years of self-improvement. They’ve focused on their flaws, worked on them or hated them, and come out on the other side able to accept themselves just as they are, flaws and all. The ability to relax into who they are and stop worrying about perfecting themselves lends itself to experiencing an easy happiness. Along with that, age brings the wisdom that we just can’t please everyone. After possibly spending the majority of our lives trying to make everyone happy…family, friends, bosses, and coworkers…what a relief and joy it is to step into a stage of life where we accept that it’s just not going to happen and let it go.

Another joy superpower of senior citizens is their unmatched ability to live in the here and now. Research is pretty clear that people who live in the present tend to be happier. Most of us go through life holding onto and trying to deal with grudges or past trauma, and also fearing or rushing the future. In our golden years, we’re more likely to have dealt with the past and learned the skill of just appreciating the now. Wisdom is also granted to senior citizens as the experiences and trials of life have taught them so many skills to cope and handle what life throws them. It allows them to have a better perspective in situations than they did in their youth and usually leads to making better and more confident decisions. Last of all, the longer we live, the more we know not to take life for granted! Through the earlier stages of our lives we can really get caught up in careers and status and finances and making everyone happy. But senior citizens are better able to focus less on all of that and just be grateful for each new day, the people they love, and their health.

Are you a senior citizen?? Well, CONGRATULATIONS!! You are the perfect candidate to experience some serious JOY! Focus on cultivating these amazing perks that you have so that your retirement is a happy one:). Not a senior citizen, but know one?? Why not glean as much as you can from them?! They can really teach us a lot about being at peace with ourselves and our lives, enjoying the present, dealing with obstacles, and loving life!

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