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10/23/2018 7:01am Age: 2 yrs
By: Great Oaks

5 Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

I think it’s safe to say that we would all like to live in our own homes and maintain our sense of independence for our entire lifespan. However, most of us won’t get to experience that. Approximately 70% of every senior age 65 and up should expect to need at least a minimum of a couple of years of long-term care most likely in an assisted living or nursing home.

For many seniors, coming to the realization of having to leave home either due to not being able to take care of themselves or simply not being safe to live alone, can be a hard topic to handle. Sometimes, the safest option is moving into an assisted living home. But how do you know if it’s time for assisted living? 

If you start to notice any of the 5 signs mentioned below, it may be time to have the talk about making the transition to assisted living.

Difficulty with basic tasks. Everyday we are all faced with a list of tasks that need completing. This can range from laundry, cooking, paying bills, etc. While most of us may take these things for granted, aging can cause these everyday tasks to become much more difficult. 

Chores being neglected. One way seniors deal with that list of everyday tasks is by not doing them. If you notice that your loved one has neglected things like the dishes, cleaning, or laundry, it can be a sign that they need help.

Frequent injuries. Even if their injuries are minor, they can become a much larger deal the older they get. Injuries with seniors can be very serious and are sometimes not willing to admit when they need help.

Significant weight loss. If you notice that your loved one is not maintaining a healthy weight, it could be due to them not being able to or having difficulty when preparing meals. 

A tendency toward isolation. Loneliness can be as bad for a senior’s health as an illness. While an assisted living home does mean less independence, it can also be a source of social community.

Making the move to an assisted living home is a big step, but the experience can be a positive one by having your love one safe and giving you a sense of security knowing they are well cared for.